Benefits Of Breast Feeding

Breastfeeding MotherOnce you’ve given birth, breast feeding is the single most important thing you can do to protect your baby and help to promote good health.  Best of all, breast feeding is free.

Along with saving you money on HMR (Human Milk Replacement), breast feeding can also help you keep your medical bills down.  Babies that are fed with formula get sick more often and more seriously than babies that are breast fed;  they also have more ear infections, respiratory infections, and other problems.

This can be even more true if your family has had a history of allergies.  When a baby is breast fed, antibodies pass on from the mother to the baby, helping to protect the baby against illness and allergies.  As the baby’s system matures, his body will begin to make it’s own antibodies, and he’ll be more equipped to handle sensitivities of food.

Sucking on the breast will also help with the development or jaw alignment and the development of the cheekbone.  This could save thousands of dollars on orthodontic work once the child gets older.

Unlike formula, breast milk is always ready, always available, convenient, and always the right temperature for feeding.  Plus, it contains all of the vitamins and minerals your growing baby needs, saving you a lot of money.

Breast feeding also offers many benefits for the mom as well.  The baby sucking at the breast will cause contractions right after birth, leading to less bleeding for the mom, and helping her uterus get back to it’s pre-pregnancy shape much faster.

Breast feeding also burns calories, so a mom can lose weight much faster than if she fed her baby with a bottle.  Breast feeding will also create a special bond with the mother and the baby – which is one thing formula simply cannot do.

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  1. dee Says:

    I am really agree about benefit breastfeeding. I always appreciate people who can give exclusive breastfeeding for her babies or commit to support breastfeeding.There’s a story about Salma Hayek who breastfeeds a hungry african child from mother who was unable to provide milk for her malnourished one-week-old son (this story really inspire me)

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